Halo 3 matchmaking stats

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Halo 3 matchmaking stats

There are two critical MCC flighting program details that we want to Halo 3 matchmaking stats today: The initial response and excitement shown by the community has been awesome.

In the short time since we kicked off official MCC Insider Program sign-ups, over 13k fans have registered to join the cause. Not everyone will be activated right away. We sincerely value your time and your insights. Since there are so many questions still surfacing with regards to public flighting, here are a few answers to some of the most common inquiries as a reminder, you can post questions and discuss the overall MCC Insider Program with us here at Halo Waypoint.

However, players who have prior experience with MCC do have a higher likelihood of getting selected to participate in a flight s. What exactly is being included in the first flight? For the first public flight, our team is looking at stress testing the new matchmaking updates that have been integrated over the past few months.

In order to achieve this goal, the content offering will be specifically tailored to help us measure and test these systems. The first flight build will be limited to Halo 2: Anniversary multiplayer matchmaking and will include only Team Slayer on a handful of favorite maps.

The game time will be set to 5 minutes to facilitate more matches to stress the matchmaking itself. Our team will be looking at two key pieces of data to assess and validate this flight: Additionally, the team is considering just leaving the content up and available outside of the targeted windows but keep in mind that it may be difficult to actually find a match depending on the active player population at the time.

Future flights will have differing scopes of content, experiences, and participants that align with the specific testing goals the team is looking to hit. Also, as flights get larger in scope, so too should the overall broader appeal of the included content i.

When can we expect to get our hands on the first public flight?

Halo 3 matchmaking stats

We are getting very close. Over time, we will absolutely be expanding our flight participant audience to include more and more players and remain committed to ensuring that eventually, everyone who wants to participate is given the opportunity.

How can I improve my odds of being selected for the first flight? Well, for each flight, the number of participants and criteria used to build out the roster will likely vary depending on the specific needs and goals of the flight. Going forward, one way you can definitely help your odds is to just play the current retail version of MCC.

We will call for your help soon enough, stay tuned. Is the MCC public flight considered confidential? Instead, participants will be asked to use the Xbox Insider Hub to file issues and everyone will receive an official feedback survey via email at the conclusion of a flight.

How are you going to get the word out and really drive participation? Please check out this thread on Halo Waypoint for some additional info and the registration link. What types of things are included in M5? Let me try and unpack a few of these items as best I can….

Greg says that MP map load times across the board are significantly quicker approx. Intelligent Delivery the feature that will enable players to eventually have the option of only installing one or more specific titles within MCC or even changing which language they want to install has been underway for a while now.

This feature gets really complicated really quickly but is something the team continues to make good progress against. Some of this, like the updated title screen and main menu, will be included in the first flight.

The last item on the list is more of a behind-the-scenes update but this has effectively migrated the tools and systems that are used to update and deploy MCC matchmaking playlists to a new, modernized CMS content manage system here within It sounds trivial but this will pay big dividends down the road and should result in more efficient, consistent means of updating playlists and things like the Message of the Day.

To help manage expectations I wanted to clarify the current plan of record regarding what you can expect to be available when the retail version of MCC receives its first true patch. Ultimately, this project is driven by quality first and foremost, so the team will take as much time as needed to achieve their goals.

It is, however, high atop the list for the next round of work and will no doubt surface in public flighting rings in the coming months. For now, what are you most looking forward to with this first update?

Let us know over in the MCC forums! This is nightmare fuel for an engineering team. Classic Controls - Sean managed to squeeze in a few fixes addressing some MCC-era Halo 2 control scheme inconsistencies.Updated Matchmaking logic to help players in less populated regions find matches.

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Page 3 of 26 - Post Your Halo 4 Matchmaking Issues Here - posted in Halo 4 (): I'm having trouble connecting with my friend. His profile says 'Not Joinable', same as mine. My NAT is open, his is Moderate (we played Reach with this same configuration and had no problems).

This update offers a number of significant improvements and fixes, along with new content, as Industries details: Spartan Ops: Added the entirety of Halo 4's Spartan Ops mode Matchmaking.

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