Sat vocab questions

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Sat vocab questions

Learning to recognize and answer this type of question will take you far—so let me walk you through it.

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The name of this game is simple: You see, most students initially treat these types of questions like strict vocabulary flash card quizzes. Here's how you do it.

Locate the vocab word in the line cited, underlining or circling the word. Now reread the part of the sentence containing the vocab word 4 times in succession, each time replacing the vocab word with a different answer choice. Using this method, it will now be super obvious! Reread the segment or clause of the sentence with the vocab word four times in a row, each time replacing it with an answer choice.

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Select the correct answer. Now pat yourself on the back for getting the correct answer in a snap—the Ivy Lounge way! Now did you notice a couple things? Vocab in context, remember? I did this so I could clear my head of any preconceived meanings and be neutral when I try out the options in the next step.

AND… 3 In step 3, I reread the entire segment all four times, each with a different word. I did NOT read: Your brain needs to hear all four options in context.

So, my friend, if you can stay disciplined and follow these steps, in order, without skimping or cutting corners, you, too, can nab all these questions! And if you want to share the love with a friend in need, by all means, sharing is caring.Search the app store for “magoosh sat” to continue your prep for the College Board’s SAT with Magoosh’s SAT Prep & Practice app.

When you’re ready to practice for the full SAT exam, Magoosh’s website has more than excellent SAT Math, SAT Reading and SAT Writing practice questions, each with its own detailed video 0.

These words were pulled from both Sentence Completion questions and Passage-Based Reading questions, and our findings revealed that a significant number of SAT vocabulary words are duplicated frequently on the SAT.

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Knowsys will help your students and your teachers succeed! Knowsys programs systematically improve college readiness by focusing on building a solid foundation in academic vocabulary, mathematics, and other college readiness skills and content.

SAT Sentence Completion Sentence completion questions account for about one quarter of the marks for the critical reading section of SAT I. Each question contains one or two blanks, and you have to find the best answer choice to make the sentence make complete sense. provides an innovative approach to learning vocabulary words for people of all ages. The idea is to establish a link between the word and definition through easy to remember stories.

By creating a visual link, even the hardest to remember words can be memorized for life.

Sat vocab questions

Additionally, the site contains a comprehensive database of. One of the highest-payoff kinds of questions to learn to nail on the SAT or ACT is what’s called a “Vocab In Context” (or “VIC”) question. This question type shows up relentlessly in the SAT Evidence-Based Reading section, but also rears its head in the ACT Reading Section, and to a certain extent, in the SAT Evidence-Based Writing section as well.

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